125 Years Of Lee Jeans

I grew up in Lee Jeans, mine were a faded out light denim but were probably much darker when purchased. I went everywhere in mine, I had the typical rough and tumble childhood, climbing trees, playing in fields of long grass. After years of wear they faded along with the care free memories of youth. It’s sad to say but I’d lost track of the label until recently when I was delighted to receive the Lee breakfast invite to view ‘This Is The Lee 125 Years Collection’ from the American heritage brand with a sense of nostalgia and curiosity.

The best brands are like your favourite pair of jeans; they stand the test of time. Yet despite Lee’s 125 year history, its rich heritage appears to have somewhat faded into the background of the now over crowded denim industry.

With that thought in mind Lee Jeans has teamed up with designers from their four favourite labels to re-image their iconic fits to give us the ‘125 Years Collection’

For Lee women Belgian trio Sarah and Carol Piron and Gregory Derkenne, from cult womenswear label Filles a Papa, create rock and roll cool edge to the collection balanced against  the fresh and feminine aesthetic of Emma Francois from Sessun.

Dropping in store this October it’s well worth a look and re-kindle the memories of your youth with this contemporary collection. @LeeJeansEurope