Sunday Is Sleep Day…Beauty Sleep

20080409_069320080409_0803bwYour slumber hours play an important role in how you look. Beauty sleep is essential for repairing the skin.
To get the best sleep possible, make your bedroom on the colder side, and wear breathable PJs (think cotton, not synthetic fabrics, or those that show some skin to keep you cool), and skip socks when you get under the covers as wearing them skyrocket your body temperature.
You’ll sleep better, and wake up throughout the night less often, when your body is cool (anywhere from about 65 and 72 degrees)

5 Steps to Better Beauty Sleep

1.Start a positive bedtime ritual. Visualize beautiful, healthy skin as you fall asleep and your body will go in that direction.

2.Get into a sleep habit. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

3.Become a back sleeper. Stomach sleeping presses your face into the pillow, creating a meshwork of fine lines and creases when you wake up.

4.Put a soft cover on your pillow. A pillowcase with a high thread count is kinder to your skin.

5.Go white for your sheets. Dyes on your sheets and pillowcase can irritate sensitive skin.

Just like diet and exercise, sleep deserves your respect. You want to look at sleep as a source of fuel and energy and health, and not just look at it as something you have to do.