“Hooray” summer is here in Europe so it’s 36 degrees with pristine blue skies above, but if you live in London the only thing above your head is an umbrella. So if you need a remedy from the monotony of bad weather then it’s time to put on some bright, cheering floral patterns and tell the London summer to “kiss my floral buttocks.”Jocette Coote Flowers Summer 2012

Not just for those who want to be ‘pretty little ladies’ anymore these patterns for spring summer 2012 can be mixed to suit edgier street grunge, and have a much cooler floral fantasy element to them, not for your average shrinking violets anymore. 

These bold botanicals are colorful making your look sunny and cheerful. Try not to overdo the flowers and, of course, do not put all the clothes you have in floral together, you don’t want to look like a rose-bush threw up on you.

People will ‘forget you not’ in these looks. So it’s time to get your ‘lazy daisies’ out from under that grey cloud and cheer up the streets of London with some colorful flower prints, and hope the golden afternoons of summer return.

Flower power reigns supreme this spring summer 2012… unless you’re in London, where at least you can let the rain water the flowers on your back.

And what’s the BEST accessory for Spring Summer 2012?… A SMILE…. and an umbrella *sigh*