Yoost Hulst and Jocette Coote

Homebody The Ultimate in Yoga wear

Always wanted to lounge around in style? Then it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Homebody, the ultimate in yoga and home wear for men and women and have an intimate look at their ‘behind the scenes’ photo-shoot (photographer Suzanne Middlemass) that I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Joost Hulst and Jocette Coote

When you put these garments on you can clearly understand why they are totally exclusive to Harrods. The fabrics feel luxurious on the skin; this is comfort at its extremes.

Joost Hulst and Jocette Coote

Created by local British designers Beverley Calvert and Susannah Manning. this is an all class act for a brand that takes comfort and luxury hand in hand. Built to flatter any shape and size, its time to throw away that ugly shapeless Snuggie and downward dog all the way to yoga guru.


For the final results of this photo shoot click (HERE)

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