Jocette Coote wearing studs

Put a STUD on it and smile.

Studs are all rage this season and I’m not talking about the footballers in the European Cup, we’d all like to have one of those attached to our exterior but for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough we always have the golden stud to make our clothes look tres cool. Celebs are walking around with studded bags, studded dresses, studded shoes, studded leggings, you name it, put a stud on it. Who needs to be a footballers wife when you can just attach a STUD anywhere.


shut-up you know EXACTLY what I mean!!

Jocette Coote wearing studs

Well to be honest it would be rather nice to find a footballer to pay for all those lovely studs on the market right now.

gold studsRachael Ruddick bagHaving a total stud pay for your studs…. wow!

Gold stud collar

studs Gold

The sky’s the limit to what you can put a stud on….

So “Stud me up you STUD!”…. (unlucky if your stud’s a dud)

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