Kate Moss Naomi Campbell Toilet

Supermodels on the Toilet

For those of you nursing Royal hangovers after London’s jubilant Jubilee weekend and are back manning the desks of our depression ridden economy, there is nothing like a little toilet humor to get you through your three-day week.

Queen Elisabeth II on Loo

I love a bit of a giggle, and life can’t be all glam and lip-gloss. So here’s one for all you punters who were hanging on cross-legged in random toilet cues across London waiting for some model to exit. You poor creatures standing there staring at your Rolex’s whilst we models endlessly powder our noses and fluff our hair, and adjust our ‘bits’, or even have a shave in some cases.

Naomi Campbell on Toilet

So what the hell are we doing in there? Ha ha ha, come one, make a guess! Is it party time?

Toilet Party

I would post a piccy of me on the loo but I’m told I’m a bit crap on the toilet, plus these girls do ‘LOO’ much better than I can.

Kate Moss Naomi Campbell Toiletelle-macpherson-ellen-von-elwerth-shoot-

Angelina Jolie Toilet

So that doesn’t explain where all the loo paper goes, just so you know….

Model on Toilet

this is EXACTLY what happens…. true story!

Ever wondered why there are filthy urine soaked walls all over London, because there’s a model sitting waiting, preening in nearly every toilet in London, stealing your paper.

Model on Toilet

Of course when you leave the toilet it smells like an egg ate garlic and farted in a sulphur pit….but models…. You know the saying if you don’t eat, you don’t excrete so you have no problems with the smell.

Good luck!

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