Style quote

The importance of personal style can’t be denied, only few women truly possess it.
Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham are but a few that get mentioned A LOT in the London press but I just can’t get enough of seeing what they wear.

As for me, Im lucky to leave the house without black and white cat hair covering me. On my school run trips Im usually in running gear (Stella McCartney of course) as I decided to ditch my buggy and carry my little tot so I get an extra upper body workout that I don’t have time to schedule at the gym.

As for hair, I have no time for GHD’s and hair straighteners anymore, also Im terrified of my little one burning herself so now, I set my hair at night, twisting it around a stocking and getting natural heat free waves.
Mums have to keep things simple and easy, I even use a spray on foundation now to save time. Long gone are those days I used to spend an hour on hair and makeup, now its 10 minutes, and even if Ive had no time to put on mascara, I go without.
Accessories are kept at a minimum as earrings are instantly pulled out by my little one, and necklaces become playthings for little fingers.
Its hard to have a personal style going on, when you’re a Mum, but we try…. yes indeed we do, because being a woman- we all love fashion. I still remember the feeling as a small girl going through my mothers wardrobe. Fashion is to be enjoyed, no matter if you only have 15 minutes to throw a look together.