Happy Valentines With Timberland

It’s the one day of the year where we celebrate love, and the only true love is SHOE love.

So when I opened my mailbox to find an invitation to customise an iconic pair of Timberland boots today I just jumped at the chance to share my love of shoes on valentines day.

Timberland shoes are made to go outside, they are the four-wheel drives of foot wear and will easily take you from urban chic to mountain top.

While I wont be climbing any mountains today (or anytime soon) there are plenty of puddles in London to splash around in, after all Timberland are the outdoor specialists and why not indulge in a bit of fun… but now artist Joel Millerchip has transformed my boots in the fashion of valentines, it would break my little heart to see them get wet…. I’ve become rather attached.





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