Funny SH*T Models Say

tumblr_ldjernG5iA1qa3gpoo1_1280Watching Zoolander last night, it struck me just how many people really do believe models are amongst the most stupid people on the planet.


Even I have to admit to believing in the sterotype at times. My mind wanders away as my eyes get lost looking at a models perfect exterior, men that have the noble looks of a Sparta warrior, a face suggesting humble wisdom. Women who’s beauty brings people to their knees… but then the camera stops rolling and then, the SH*T models say!!

Here are some of my favourites I’ve collected over the years.


“This dress is heavier than me!”

“Modeling is the only industry where going on a hunger strike could actually get you somewhere”

“Someone please save me from this terrible lighting!”

“Do they want us to stop at the end of the runway?”

“I love myself so much I just wanna make-out with my face”

“Yo, you could be a part-time model!”

“You should leave before me, I have such long legs I’ll still get there the fastest!”

“The only diamond Im ever gonna get will be from Sky Miles”

“Look at the meaty thigh gap”

“I have more twitter followers than money in my bank account”

“When life give you lemons, do a juice cleanse”

So what’s said is said….. I’m not saying models are stupid…. No, that’s not it at all, some models I know are amongst the most intelligent people I know…. I’m just saying models are very, very funny!