Bee Happy Honey- Behind The Zipper with Paige

Charlotte, Jocette and Paige 20130701-184323.jpg

I always wondered about the challenges of the creative process. How does a designer re-invent their collections season after season? So I decided to ask Paige, the founder of the Paige jeans phenomenon during her visit to the new LOVE DENIM studio on level three at Selfridges.

Paige is a delight to talk with, she giggles and twinkled when she recalls a dream that inspired her last season. Paige projects a youthful carefree image and seems a rock chick child at heart, she lets her creative process run free using inspiration from dreams and happy memories she lets her sharp instinct for design take over.

At the beginning of the season Paige was inspired by youth and fun with ice-creams prints, children’s floral stamps, in light pink and blue hues then through the looking-glass to the jewelled, kaleidoscope designs which punch color through for a real statement. Then onto the honeycomb inspired jeans “Because every girls wants to BEE happy” she twinkled. Indeed we all want that! And even though her jeans don’t promise happiness, you can be sure that this rock chick from the City Of Angels puts loads of happiness into her work as she designs the perfect pair for you…and that’s pretty cool.

When you lay the collection out straight you can almost see a dream like story taking place.

Don’t forget to head to Selfridges to get yourself an exclusive pair, you can even have them customised every Friday to Saturday from 12-10pm there’s a sewing team on level three who will show you how, or they’ll just do it for you and its free!!!! #denimlovers