Got No Internet? What do I do with myself?

Jocette Coote Reading, photography Shannon Greer

What do you do when you internet is down? After a month I’m still not connected to the world I now call home.

Life has become as boring as dry toast, heading out in the evenings only to return stinking of second-hand smoke and cheap perfumes doesn’t inspire me as it used to do when I was in my twenties… or even thirties, for a bad girl I’m very well-behaved now. Debauchery is no longer my cup of tea.

I used to show and tell everyone all the funny things I found on the internet, now my world is void of cute kitty photos, no longer can I gaze at celebrity cellulite and fat lumps and watching near perfect models face plant on the catwalk is off the menu too.

So what to do with oneself when the reality of the London summer hits home with its overcast, dribbling sky and complete lack of sun… or even heat for that matter? For those of you who need to get out less it’s time to get a good book going and what better choice than a fashion book to visually inspire. Fashion books are glossy, substantial, beautifully stunning and impossible to put down.

The fashion industry is just dripping with raw talent, lust, desire, affairs there are loads of naughty characters to pick from, which brings me to my list of favourite fashion reads….

CLICK HERE…for my next post on my favourite fashion books (when I publish it please be patient)

2 thoughts on “Got No Internet? What do I do with myself?

  1. Hey Jocette, you have a very interesting website – I was only looking to see what models eat and your site was a good 2 hours read on lots of very fashion type subjects – thank you xx

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