Miles Aldridge and his Technicolour Dream Pictures

Photographer Miles Aldridge shares his vision of beautiful women with his new book coming out.

“I’ve never seen a picture of a man in a fashion magazine that I’ve liked. Im fascinated by women because they look trapped in the pages like exotic butterfiles”


I think his photography speaks for itself, its a technicoloured dream world of immaculate women. Here’s one of my favourite editorials from Italian Vogue May 2008
Miles Aldridge Siri Tollerod_Vogue_Italia_May_2008_The_Vagaries_of_Fashion_Cat_Story_009 Miles_Aldridge_Siri_Tollerod_Vogue_Italia_May_2008_The_Vagaries_of_Fashion_Cat_Story_006 Miles_Aldridge_Siri_Tollerod_Vogue_Italia_May_2008_The_Vagaries_of_Fashion_Cat_Story_010 siri-tollerod-by-miles-aldridge-vogue-italia siri troller Photographer- Miles Aldridge for Italian Vogue siri-tollerod-by-miles-aldridge-vogue-italia- Siri Trollerod Photographer- Miles Aldridge for Italian Vogue

Miles Aldridge Siri Tollerod_Vogue_Italia_May_2008_