What Do Models Eat?

So its lunch time in the international world of modelling,  whats on the menu?

After 18 years of modelling if I could get a cross-section of all the meals I’ve ordered, in a world that serves juicy burgers, mouth-watering seafood, delicious vegetarian, what do people think models actually put in their bodies? What exactly do you think models eat? Apparently that’s an interesting question so I googled  ‘do models eat’ and to my horror these were the threads…..

What do models eat?
What do models eat?

Heavens above, are you people serious? This just makes me want to go home and eat a pound cake over my sink and cry into my cat. Firstly there’s only two food items on this list both of which I DO EAT, but the rest of those items… a tapeworm REALLY?….. come on give us models a break and hand us the Kit Kat that goes with it.
We aren’t freaks…I don’t eat tissue…I wipe my ass with it though…and as for cotton, I dont ever recall wanting to eat the shirt I was wearing no matter how peckish I was.
Why is there such a toxic aura surrounding models and what we eat?…Yes its true some models are so thin that wearing a super-sized tampon makes them look fat but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our food.
As for me, this girl likes to eat, and I could eat a horse, I don’t wanna eat what the horse is eating. I wanna eat with greed, I wanna eat with my hands and make a mess and wipe my face on my sleeve like a caveman. I want a rack of ribs with mashed potatoes. I like stuffing and garlic bread…. I like to have a kebab after an evening session at the pub, where I drink beer and wine.

You wont see me next to a teeny tiny bowl of iceberg lettuce with a wedge of lemon for dressing and baby sized vegetables that are supposed to match my baby sized appetite.
Why do people think we eat weird small portions of food, just because Im a teeny tiny model doesn’t mean I eat teeny tiny foods.

I’m a regular sized 6 girl (that’s a size 8 in the UK) and there’s nothing wrong with me or my appetite.
So what’s my secret?…. Shhhhhhh… Sure , I’ll tell you I EXERCISE BECAUSE I LIKE TO EAT. That’s how it works, plus I walk or ride everywhere…..models burn off the food we eat, that’s why most of us are thin.
There’s no cheat sheet if you want to be slim, you gotta move. Go dancing after your big dinner party and shake it like you’re a milkshake.

We enjoy the food we eat just like regular people, we eat whatever we want, of course in moderation. So next time you take a model to dinner, please don’t order me a tapeworm or I’ll wrap it around your neck.

Featured on www.modelsdoeat.com the fantastic blog created by the six foot tall legend Jill de Jong. Go on, have a look.

Jocette on Models Do Eat. Photography Lance Gold
Jocette on Models Do Eat. Photography Lance Gold