Seraphine, Dressing Fashion Savvy Baby Blooms.

Seraphine logoThere’s no reason not to look your best through your pregnancy – you’ve earned it, you deserve it, and you need it.

Maternity clothes have come a long way, baby. Just a short generation ago a pregnant belly was something to be hidden. Pitched in tent-like dresses, swathed in hot polyester fabrics, rubbed and pinched by uncomfortable elastic waistbands and tummy panels. Not a pretty picture.

Fast-forward to now, and the expectant-style scene could not be hotter (or cooler, since all that polyester went the way of tent dresses). Bellies are out of the closet and they’re wearing clingy tops, body skimming dresses, low-rider jeans, sexy swimsuits and my favourite one stop maternity shop is Seraphine, a collection designed to embrace women’s changing curves and work beautifully and comfortably throughout your pregnancy.

Jocette Wears Seraphine

Inspired by the beauty of her native city Paris, Cecile Reinaud Founder and head designer, creates her chic collections to be an ode to romanticism and pure elegance. Seen below helping out on her latest photo shoot.

Cecile Reinaud of Seraphine

Thank God for Seraphine who offer some seriously comfortable & stylish maternity fashion! I will definitely be rocking Seraphine even after the baby is born

Savannah Miller – VOGUE

Sure, even with all of these fashion statements available, there will still be days when baggy sweats will say it best and feel most comfy. But more often than not you’ll embrace the opportunity to channel your inner fashionista with Seraphine for the fashion savvy baby bloomers, when you’re building that wardrobe for two.

Jocette on Seraphine shoot

To see all that Seraphine has to offer on their web page click (HERE) 

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