Behind the Scenes on the Nivea Aqua Effect TV Commercial

I have some fun-filled days ahead of me filming the Nivea Visage Aqua Effect moisturizer TV commercial in Aplanat Studios in Hamburg. Directed by Uwe Duettmann, who’s a regular with Nivea and always a pleasure to work with. The director of photography is also a familiar face at beauty jobs, the talented Jens Maasboel, whom I’ve also had the pleasure of working with.

There are three main girls and one male model and we are required to throw water filled balloons at each other in a mock ‘fun’ fight as the crew film the action with special high-speed cameras. When I look at the story board of shots, Im filled with excitement, this will be a fun, action packed job, my favourite.

The models are Lisa Grote, Jocette Coote (me) Manon Molenaar and Peter Argue.

You might be wondering what balloons have to do with Nivea Aqua Effect. Well it’s all rather self-explanatory the balloons represent the moisturizer and the action of pushing water into your skin for a refreshing feel. Moisturizing your skin with the refreshing power of water.

We are shooting in a studio which is always a blessing as it’s a controlled environment. We can control the light, the action. No waiting for the sun to come out, the models can dry off quickly if we get too wet.

Agnesha Kollien is on hair and makeup and has to make the models look good, even after we have been hit in the face with an endless supply of water balloons wetting our hair and  destroying the makeup. Agnesha’s way around this problem was very cleaver, she has plenty of hair pieces at the ready to install over our own hair when we are too wet to continue. As a result of this there are hair dryers constantly running on set.

On wardrobe is Christiane Graf, who has similar problems to the makeup department, keeping the clothes dry and clean when the models are running around throwing water at each other for days straight. So there’s plenty of identical outfits for us to change into, leaving Christine with a mountain of washing and ironing to deal with.

The balloon fight is really fun, it’s a total free for all, balloons flying in all directions. The crew throws them at us, we throw them at each other. Everyone is happy and smiling and it’s a genuinely fun packed job. No need to force smiles, it’s fun all round.

On jobs like these with a crew like this I’m very happy that I pursued modelling as a career path. There aren’t many jobs where you can smile and play all day with lovely people. There was no competition between the models, we just laughed and giggled like friends all day long.

If only all clients were as good as Nivea to work with, I’d be the happiest model on earth.

Here’s a link to the final TV commercial and our fun days working in Hamburg… HOPE YOU ENJOY