Im Thinking This Might Be a Marc Jacobs Product?

I was just thinking to myself, did he do that on purpose to make fun of the fashion industry?

I’m thinking this might be a Marc Jacobs product?

You don’t say huh…. Wait… Who made this?

So PLEASE explain this label, I hear confused readers ask. Ok so Marc Jacobs (born April 9, 1963) is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs (really?) as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs, a diffusion line, with more than 200 retail stores in 80 countries.

Explaining his clothes, Jacobs has said “what I prefer is that even if someone feels hedonistic, they don’t look it. Curiosity about sex is much more interesting to me than domination. … My clothes are not hot. Never. Never.”

So I guess you were feeling a bit hedonistic when you made your labels then Marc? It’s okay to love yourself but the level of this love is just too damn high! Jacob-ception, Marc Jacobs inside Marc Jacobs inside Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs inside Marc Jacobs?


Who approved this??

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