Packing for a European Photo Shoot

Here I go again, off to have some adventures in Greece on my next photo shoot.
So goodbye London and Fashion Week, and hello to blue skies and sunshine.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a model to travel in style with all those essential items needed on assignment.

Here are some top items a model always travels with, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water spray for the flight to keep the skin hydrated and fresh, insect repellent to stop those pesky mosquitoes and flies landing on you when you’re in front of the camera. Body moisturizer and a good shampoo and conditioner because hotel ones just aren’t good enough to get that high gloss a girl needs.

Then always travel with music for when you need a little lift, some good magazines to keep up to date with all the latest fashions.

Then MOST IMPORTANTLY is NEVER, EVER…. forget your alarm clock, because most call times for makeup are before dawn. Models and makeup artists are ALWAYS the first on set and if you make your makeup artist late, don’t expect them to have the time to make you look perfect.