Model Boot Camp with Paul James Hay and PMA Model agency

The stars of a model agency are usually the models, but this time it’s a booker slash photographer that’s caught my eye. He’s the photographer, model muse behind the mens board at PMA Models agency in Hamburg, one of the most successful mens divisions in Europe. He’s the inspirational force behind the careers of many top models, and I was lucky enough to spend a lovely August weekend with him on his yearly Model Boot Camp with the rising stars of PMA Model Management (click here for agency link)

Paul James Hay uses this weekend to nurture the talents of his models, teaching them and inspiring them to grow to be true professionals. Most models have to learn on the job, but Paul gives them a rare opportunity to get hands on experience and get some amazing photos to improve their portfolios.

After breezing through the pages of Bruce Weber’s Branded Youth, I was struck by the similarities of the two photographers styles. It’s not hard to see where Paul gets his inspiration from.

I was impressed by the team work of the models, everyone worked together to get the perfect pictures, there certainly weren’t any divas in this group.



I also had the opportunity to get in front of Paul’s lens this year, but it’s not the first time Paul and I have worked together. Our first story was ‘Nowhere But Now’ (click here for link) with the now famous model Brian Shimansky.

I loved shooting with Paul James Hay, he knows how to tell a story with his camera which is a rare gift. He is such a delight to work with, and I can’t wait to see the results of this years ‘Model Boot Camp’… watch this space.



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