Nyan Cat Fashion Trend.

Has it really been a year since an animated GIF of a Pop-Tart cat surfing a rainbow wandered into everyone’s Internet lives? In web years, that’s like an eternity since Nyan Cat was uploaded by creator Chris Torres. And the string of spin-offs, has only cemented the cat in the proverbial Internet Hall of Fame.

The Nyan Cat *sigh* why are you people so obsessed with the Nyan Cat? This hybrid toast rainbow kitty has now turned into a fashion trend. I can’t say how long this will last, but here it is, all over the internet.

Who are you people? Can someone please explain?

There is a strong possibility that these items will be THE MOST sort after fashion items on the internet in the next few weeks, just wait and see.

N-JOY it while it lasts Nyan Kitty Cat fans.

Nyan Kitty Dress