Daphne Selfe

“Botox is a waste of money” says Daphne Selfe, the world’s oldest Supermodel.

Daphne Selfe

Why are the moguls of the fashion industry so notoriously and shamelessly obsessed with images of youth? Sadly it seems that even a woman in her 40’s being celebrated on the cover of a magazine will be re-touched to resemble her 20’s face, not her 40’s face.

There’s an impossible set of standards being set for women as we make it difficult to age with dignity in the public eye with Botox, fillers and face-lifts passed off as normal practice. Just look at Madonna’s ‘golf ball’ cheeks wobbling around like foreign objects trying to escape.

Just as I was thinking we need to re-set the balance of what society is exposed to, as age is something that should be celebrated, I turn the pages of my magazine and there she was. It was her determined carriage of neck and a twinkle in her eye that struck me at first. Soft features and natural waves of grey/white hair blowing in the wind.  This is the worlds oldest supermodel Daphne Selfe, and I’m proud to say that she’s at my agency Models1 in London.

The 83-year-old runway model doesn’t buy into cosmetic surgery. Her ageless beauty is all-natural.

“I’ve never had anything done to my face… Not that poison, not a facelift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it.”    Daphne Selfe.

During a career that has lasted six decades Daphne has modelled for Mario Testino, Mary McCartney and Rankin, who told her that the difference between her and younger models was that they had nothing behind their eyes because they had no experience.

“The reason why I’ve lasted so long is because I’m not quite as thick as some…you have to bring an element of intelligence to any job, that’s what sustains you and the people you work with.”  Daphne Selfe.

So what’s the secret to her unparalleled longevity, svelte figure and good looks? Daphne credits her good genes and a lifetime of avoiding drugs and alcohol and funnily enough avoiding anti-aging ‘hyped’ cures.

So people please DON’T BELIEVE THE TYPE when you read the path to happiness is through anti-aging elixirs. Stop fighting the aging process, it’s a natural part of being human. Age can look beautiful on a woman Daphne being a happy grandmother of 83 is more than confident to share her images and real age with the world . Maybe it’s time to stop hiding behind the mask of youth. Daphne is a breath of fresh air, to a stuffy room full of people on the ageist wagon. Now, maybe if I could just put down my wine glass.

Daphne SelfeDaphne Selfe