About Me

Jocette Coote CoversHopefully you will find the fashion industry and the people surrounding it as enthusiastically intoxicating as I do.

A little about me so you know where I fit into the jigsaw puzzle. I’ve been a professional model for 17 years working in NY, London, Paris, Japan, Germany, Canada and my country of birth Australia. Modelling has been the only job I’ve ever known and it has sent me on many amazing adventures across the globe, some of which I shall share with you here. I guess this is a bit of a fashion industry memory enema for me.

I’ll be looking at insider stories, inspiration, trends, makeup, behind the scenes on photo shoots and anything in a models world you will find interesting.

Magazines I have worked with include Vogue, Harper’s Bizarre, Marie Claire, Oyster, Frankie, Eve, Woman and Home amongst others.

Beauty houses I’ve worked for include Nivea Visage, Shiseido, Max Factor, Pantene.

I could list all the fashion weeks, department stores, designers and photographers I’ve worked with but after 17 years the list is endless and the risk of missing people and offending is all too real.

I hope you enjoy jocette.com, feel free to contact me at anytime for advise or any content you would like me to include on the blog.